About The Practical Driving Test

In this section of our website we’ll aim to cover the information you” need to know about the practical driving test and what will happen on the day of your test. The practical driving test has been designed to evaluate whether you have a satisfactory skill level and understanding of dealing with different types of roads and traffic condition. There is no minimum number of driving lessons you’ll need before taking the driving test, you can arrange a driving test date as soon as you and your instructor feel your ready but you must have passed your theory test before hand.

On the day of your test you”l need to take with you your theory test pass certificate and your photo card driving licence (as of 8th June 2015 you no longer need your paper counter part), if you have an old-style paper licence then you’ll need to take that and a valid passport with you.

Once at the test centre you’ll be introduced to the examiner that’ll be conducting your test and he will require you to sign a declaration and before your test can begin you’ll have an eyesight check. You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres if it’s a new style number plate and 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old style number plate, your test won’t commence if you can’t read at the required distance.

Next, you’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions which are also know as “show me, tell me” questions, of the 2 questions one will be a “show me” question whereby you will have to physically demonstrate the particular safety check and the other question will be a “tell me” question whereby you’ll have to explain how you would complete the particular safety check.

After you have completed the steps above you will begin on your practical driving test which will last for around 40 minutes. Throughout the test the driving examiner will give you turn-by-turn directions for you to follow and will be assessing your standard of driving and your knowledge. As part of the test you’ll be asked to carry out normal stops, moving away at an angle and hill starts, you may even be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

You’ll also have to show the examiner that you can safely reverse your vehicle with good all around observation and with due care and regard for other road users and under full control, to demonstrate this you’ll be asked to complete one of the following exercises which is chosen by your examiner:

  • Reverse around a corner
  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse parking into either a parking bay or paralell park behind a vehicle on the road

Another skill you’ll have to demonstrate to your examiner is your ability to drive independently, this means that as a certain part of the test your examiner will ask you to follow signs to a particular destination and will then stop giving you turn by turn directions and this will last for approximately 10 minutes.

The test will end back at the test centre and your examiner will tell you that that’s the end of the test, at this point the examiner will give you your result of the test. You will pass the test if you get 15 or less faults with no serious or dangerous faults. You will fail the test if you are marked down for any serious or dangerous fault regardless of how many driving faults you have been marked down for or if you accrue more that 16 driving faults. If you pass your test you’ll be given a pass certificate and the examiner will ask if you would like your full licence sent to your address automatically.

If you don’t pass the you’ll have to wait another 10 working days before you can retake the test.

Practical Driving Test Fees
You will find below the current test fees for the practical driving test;

  • £62 for a weekday test
  • £75 for an evening (after 4:30pm), weekend and bank holiday test

Booking Your Practical Driving Test
We recommend that you only use the www.gov.uk website to book your driving test as booking anywhere else may not be able to guarantee your booking date and time. To book you driving test on the www.gov.uk website please click the following link: https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test

For More Information on The UK Car Driving Test please click the following link and you be taken to the www.gov.uk website: https://www.gov.uk/practical-driving-test-for-cars/overview